Polypropylene Fibres TREVON


Spin finish

The surface of the TREVON fiber is conditioned by application of toxicologically approved and hygienic harmless spin finishes (in percentage of approx. 0,4 - 0,7 %). It improves the properties decisive in terms of faultless processability. And moreover, hydrophilic or even permanent hydrophilic properties can be achieved through the usage of a lubricant. At the customer’s request a lubricant with a food testimonial may be used.

UV (light) stabilization

According to the requirements for a final product, we are able to offer the TREVON fibers UV stabilized against photooxidative degradation at degree ranging from hundreds to a few thousand hours. Of course it is possible to realize it as you like it.

Flame retardancy

The level of flame resistance of the TREVON fibers is originally very high and the inflammability is bad. However, it can be lowered with the use of the additives. In terms of the "border oxygen number" it can reach a value 28.


The TREVON fibers are dyed right in the mass and so the colour pigment is spread in the whole fiber dimension. Thanks to this the fibers get the high color fastness, uniformity and stability. Only the top quality colour pigments are used. Customers are welcome to choose from our basic color sample book, from the international colour scales or let us prepare the color tint from the sample they deliver.

Antiseptic finishing

The TREVON fibers contain the additives with resistance to fungi and bacteria (biological degradation) Presence of these additives even in low doses disables the growth of the wide range of microorganisms.